Davidsen Calendar Pictures 

Hello Boyz and gals :D…

This shoot was soooo much fun!! I had such a great time shooting these pictures outside in the snow – yes you heard me right OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW, the amazing cold danish winter – and a rough factory was the setting for this shoot.

Not only did we shoot pictures 😉 – But we filmed the most amazing funny short-films 😉 You need to see them, they are a MUST SEE!! – HILARIOUS what do you guys think of my acting skills? I think I am the BEST, but you guys already know I have SOO much confidence boiled up in my big hair – haha ;)..

Press the link and see THE other sexy calendar ladies and my hilarious movies 😀 Too see the movie press: ” se filmen” below my pictures – Enjoy and please let me know what you think! Here is the link 😉 http://www.staerkesager.dk/

To watch the backstage pictures for this shoot click HERE and HERE 😉

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Video’s From My Calendar/Movie Shoot! Underwear and Snow!

Hello Lovely People,

Thank you for dropping by!! :D… I have so many readers these days I am so happy – Yaaaah!! Thanks for the support..

Here is some footage backstage video’s from my shoot! Hopefully you will find it funny! Being a model is not always so glamorous as you can see here.. LOL I had to change my clothes and get warm in a camping wagon, my make up artist was there to keep me company, the only other girl on set.. 🙂 The second scene I was offered a warm Range Rover to chill in while they adjusted camera and video, in-between shooting!! That was a life saver.. Thank you boyz ;)..

Happy Saturday – What are you up too?

Last night I went to a Spa place!! That was how I spend my Friday eve ;).. Amazing to spoil your body with a sauna gus and steam and so on.. My facial skin looked so amazing afterwards!.. You should try it.


Dead model R.I.P – sneak peak 


Hey Peeeps,

Here is another scene from the calendar film I was telling you about yesterday ;).. each scene we would do a photoshoot and a short movie clip!! It was hilarious to die!!


It didn’t feel like a short scene at all!! when I was shooting it feelt like a LOONG ASS SCENE – because of the cold!!! This scene was early in the morning and the cold was worse at this time. I was litterally shaking the whole time, but somehow I had fun anyway!! Probably the excitement of dyeing haha – being stoned to death always gives you an adrenaline kick.  The amazing photographer and his cool energy gave me a kick as well. What a huge difference a good crew can do for you on a cold shoot like this one ;)..


Sneak peak – Texas chainsaw massakre 

Hey Peeps,

Some fun behind the scenes pic from my shoot yesterday!! I had a blast 😉 I am not allowed to say what company, but you should look forward to a sick calendar with 4 models – we get 3 month each and a amazing fun sexy movie as well…  I can’t wait to show this to you.

My acting was off the hook yesterday.. I die in so many different ways, electrified, stoned to death by rocks.. I loose a leg and so much more fun acting in this movie!! Yaaaah!!

I will share some other scenes with you asap. Look forward to it!

I had to cut wood with the chainsaw you see in the picture. I was scared shitless actually, cos of all the scary movies I have watched – but I didn’t cut my leg.. Thank God haha!!

By the way I feel like I need some applaus while you watch this post. I was in my underwear in the snow for 6 hours yesterday, could you manage that? 😉

SOOOO COOOLD!!!!! But I am a pro and didn’t complain! … That is how you secure more jobs, nobody likes a winey diva.

Besides the cold I had a awesome time, literally laughing most of the day. Working together with a amazing talented crew.. Thank you BOYS! and my amazing makeup artist rocked!!

Video’s and More behind the scene pics coming up – stay toned!


TV2 ZULU 1. January Hangover!! 



Hello Boys and Girls,

Do not forget to watch TV2 Zulu in Denmark 1st January ;).. I will be on the channel all day doing nutty hangover things ;).. It is hilarious!! – Danish Humour taken to a whole other level LOL. The two TV hosts are SOOO MUCH FUN!! Love them.

Have a look at the above behind the scenes pictures. Working with these two guys gave me stomach cramps ALL day because I was laughing non stop for 6 hours.. Seriously so disgusting and FUN at the same time. 😀 Look forward to your Zulu hangover. I am sure you will have a cray and amazing New Year, a chilled ZULU Marathon will be much needed the next day. 😉

I have had a very chilled weekend, I said NO to two different parties on Saturday like a good girl. I have a important meeting this week and I want to look rested and healthy. I am going to workout everyday this week and that is hard if you didn’t have a rested weekend.

How was your weekend? Good girl or bad boy? :D..

Enjoy your Monday – Make the best of it!!

Merry Christmas and soon Happy New Year!

Merry Curly Kisses.