Sunday Funday ;)

Hey Boys and Gals, 

I arrived in Denmark on Saturday. I celebrated with the Hoverboard my familie and Coco Channel, the most beautiful Pom Pom in the world.

Here are a few videos showing the newest gadget a Hoverboard. I wrote about the Hoverboard in a previous post. Click here:

It was SO much fun, my first time trying one of these. I love trying new things, especially when you can be active and use your body. I am a fast learner, or maybe it is not so difficult. lol. You use you balance and your core to stay stable on the board, you can compare it to a snowboard a tiny bit. But a Hoverboard is very easy compare to a snowboard in my opinion. I can definitely recommend one, they are so much fun. It is a great feeling, it feels like you are floating in the air. I will get one for next summer.

Learn everything about the Hoverboard here 😉

In the second video I am having a cuddle with Coco.. 😀

Have a great week. Muaaah

Fat Shaming By Nicole Arbour

Hello Peeps,

I don’t really know how I feel about this video, it is funny I have to admit. I mean I have never been fat myself, but I know, it can be more difficult for some people than others to be slim. So maybe this video is a bit to harsh, I mean what the F…. do slim people know about this subjekt? How it feels to be fat? and why people keep eating? Slim people should probably not lecture on this subjekt, until you have been in the shoes of a fat person. Who knows, why fat people are fat? and why they keep eating? … It obviously is a deeper psychological thing, for some fat people. For others, it is true – they can seem lazy, but they probably have an addiction to junk food and sugar. This addiction can be very addictive almost like a drug or an alcohol addiction for some -combined with low self-esteem, it is a real killer, so who are we to judge? Maybe it is better to be quite. 😉

What do you think? – drop your comment in the below area.

Judging is not my style, why fat people are fat- is not as simple as Nicole is saying. 😉



Hakkasan Mayfair Kinda Night ;)

Hey Boys and Girls,

I had a greaaaaat time at Hakkasan last night, we where a big group of friends. The food is mind-blowing jummy, if you come to London, remember to try Hakkasan Mayfair.

I went with my girl Julie – She is now back in London after 2 years in Rome. I am so happy she is back. 😉 Good friends in London are not easy to find. My good Friend Paulie D – was there too, he is like a older brother to me, I have known him for 6 years. Time fly’,s.. And a good friend of mine who owns 3 Clubs in London was also having dinner with us. He owns Projekt, Toyroom and now Charlie – a new club. It had it’s soft opening night last Saturday and the official opening is on Thursday. I am invited of course. 😉 – Its hard to be so popular Muhahahahah..

He is very successful, he has clubs in Dubai, Miami, Mykonos, Turkey and some other country’s – a very busy friend.


Starters, I was not so impressed, I prefer the mains.

The Gals 😉

Lychee Martini

A Margarita – My FAVORITE drink!!

My Homie 😉

Jumbo Scrimps with cashew nuts and vegetables – JUM

Chicken in Peanut sauce – MIND BLOWING

Duck salad!! AMAZING

Selfie time 😉


Jump ;) or are you a Chicken?

Hey Peeps, 

Like I mentioned earlier in my Fashion & Travel Guide post! HALVVANDET is so lovely when the sun is shining! Here I am jumping in the water, trying to show of my skills lol ;).. Do you like to jump in the water?! or are you a chicken.. hihi – I love ALL water sports.

The below picture – I took this morning before I went out for my run! Just wanted to brag a bit, because my abs are visible and I am in a good shredded shape ;)…

If I can’t show of on my blog – where can I haha…

Also notice my tan lines, this mama got some color! 😉

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