What Do You Look Like When You finish your Workout? ;)


Hey People,

If you look sexy when you finish your workout!! You know you are not working hard enough! ;)…

If you look half dead, you are crawling to the changing room, your face is red and you are dripping with sweat you can tap yourself on your shoulder because you did a good job… 😉

Many gals ask me how I workout and what I eat… unfortunately there are no shortcuts. Do you look cute and perfect after your gym session? – do you have flawless makeup and perfect hair ?… then you know you have been a lasy cow..  😉 hahahaha.. it is the perfect way to measure your gym engagement.

;).. I train hard! Short brakes – I try to keep my heart bounding the whole time – fat burning while I get strong. I challenge and push myself, heavy weights or difficult core exercises. If you want those amazing abbs and perky bum, its the only way to get them.

Good Luck – remember summer body’s are made in the winter 😉


The Upsides Of A Fit Bum – Part 2 ;)


You get a better posture

Your Butt muscles keep your pelvis and posture in the right position when you move and when you sit still.

Many lifts your body does, will only be done correctly if you have strength in your butt and legs, if you have weak muscles your back muscles will take over control and using your back when you lift something from the ground is very dangerous and it will probably end up giving you a damaged lower back.. 🙁

You spine is protected

shocks thru your body when you walk, run, jump and so on affects the body’s joints. If your legs and butt muscles are strong enough they will take the shocks – when you run, walk and jump 😉

More Energy

Many of the everyday tasks involves your legs and butt muscles. The more stamina your legs and butt muscles have, the less tired they will be and the less tired you will be 😉

4 Functionelle reasons to train your butt – besides the obvious visual reasons ;)


There are many good reasons to train your legs and butt, besides the obvious reasons, because you want to look hot 😉

One of the biggest muscles on your body is on your butt – Gluteus Maximus 😉 Your Butt muscles works hard when you move your body, they take a great deal of responsibility compared to your other leg and hip muscles. If your butt is fit, they can manage the responsibility, if not you are in trouble.

Unfortunately many of us have weak butt muscle and that means your butt doesn’t work functionally. The butt muscles have become lasy, because the muscles are not used very often.

When you walk, sit, and lie down you do not use your butt muscles, they are called – Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus 😉 .. Gluteus Maximus is the biggest muscles on your hips and it contributes to give you the perky Jennifer Lopes ass – the ass that sticks out in the air, if you workout ;).. Only when you walk fast, with large steps will your Gluteus be activated.

Unfortunately many of us, sit, stand and walk with small slow steps in our everyday life. Therefore you will get a butt that looks like it is never used. Saggy, ineffective and it gets the unwanted flat form.

Another big minus point with having a weak saggy butt is: Your hips, back muscles and back-thighs will have to do all the work, with the dreadful result of risking – serious back-pains, knee-pains and feet pain.

Part 2 coming tomorrow 😉 stay tooned!! The upsides of a fit bum 😉

Circuit Training

Hello Boyz and Gals,

Please watch my video and learn some new fitness inspiration!! I am working my ass of here and it is obviously working haha.. I love mixing up workouts and doing different things each time I go to the gym, that last exercise will give you some great abbs, it is so much harder than it looks! 😉 … Try it!

Enjoy 😉