Fitness Saturday Met-com – Hardcore ;) Military style!

Hey Ladies,

This is propper military training 😉  You can do some of the exercises at home – Jumping and pushups are easily done in your livingroom 😉

You need to get your ass to the gym for the ropes, they are heavy ugh.. The TRX abb training will be a challenge to do at home too.  But its Saturday and Sunday tomorrow so I am sure you will have time to visit the gym once this weekend!!

A hardcore weekend workout, with time to relax and recover afterwards!.. Ahh nothing feels better after you are done. If you have been drinking you need to sweat it out right! 😉

Abbs and a tight booty doesn’t come easy to anyone! We all have to work hard for it, including me! 😉 This workout is good for your muscles and your cardio, its tough but OH so effective, no time to waste 😉 Get going!


Monday Motivation, TRX Workout ;).. Get to it!

Hello Peeeps,

Lately I started working out with the TRX, to spice things up a bit!! I like it ;)..

It is a good idea to do something different, if you are stuck in the same fitness rutine ;)..

Here I am training my chest, glutes, hamstrings and upper back!! Go for it my lovely Ladies, no time to waste!! Get to it!

By the way  if you would like to train with the PT who is killing me here, write him a email he is based in London 😉