Shout Out To All The Mixed People In The World ;)



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Happy Thursday Lovelies!

What incredible diversity we hold within our DNA! 🙌🏾

Being mixed cannot be defined as one thing or another as the entire human genome can be found within our DNA complex. From blue eyes, blond hair, fair skin, dark skin, different kinds of curls, straight hair, full lips, thin lips, pronounced nose to small noses. We have it all in our genes.

As I do research I realize we really cannot narrowly define what it means to look mixed, it would be impossible to go through all the possibilities.

So today I wanted to lift forward and show some love to more diversity in our large and loving mixed family… Yaaah!!

I am so happy to belong to the mixed familie, not only will you from birth have a natural interest, curiosity and tolerant view of other cultures and nationalities, but you will find it appealing, interesting, amazing and beautiful.

Join The SMASHBOX Competition, Win The Perfect Makeup Box! Stunning looks for Christmas!



Hello My Lovely Ladies, 

Smashbox is one of my favorite make up brands, because it is quality ALL THE WAY!

I Love all these amazing winter colors, the shades are beautiful and you can use them all year around. The glitter eyeshadows are my favorits. I can’t wait for new years eve – I want to create a sparkeling make up look – to go with my sexy New Years Eve dress…

I mixed some of the darker and lighter colors, to show you a cool evening look, see the picture on top 😉 You can create so many different looks with this lovely make up set. The colors are also great for a natural daytime look.

I used the 3 color palet to create conturing on my cheeks, noise and forehead.. 😉 It looks very natural as you can see.

The mascara and eye liner are lovely – LONG LASHES!! You need to use the two primers, if you go dancing or decide to kiss someone special, the primers will make sure your make up lasts all night.. 😀

Join Smashbox’s newsletter and win this amazing set of make up for free!! 😉 Click HERE to join the competition.. The original price is 1395 kr… So getting the set for free is a good bargain!! 🙂 Good Luck..



My Favorite lipgloss



Hello Sexy Ladies,

This is my favorite lipgloss and lips stick.

Provoke Lipgloss by Dr Irena Eris & Provoke by Dr Irina Eris number 504 Bright Lipstick, Rock Star pink 😉

Some other amazing glosses you can find HERE, I like all the brands.

My favorites is Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Exotic Island.

Enjoy ladies, remember to have you pretty lips moisturized and glossy! Nobody likes dry lips.. hehe specially not boys.