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Is Perfection The Best Policy?

Actress Eva Mendes arrives at the Hollywood screening of her movie "Holy Motors" during AFI FEST in Los Angeles, California November 3, 2012. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT) - RTR39YTM

Young Women.

Many young girls I know have fake hair, fake lips, cheek implants, botox and a small fake nose. The only way I can tell you apart is from your different skin tones and hair colors. You all look pretty and perfect, but y’all look alike. Is perfection the best way to go? I am not against plastic surgery, fake hair or perfection. But I miss the days of different beauties and unique faces, it seems like beauty has a specific look these days.

I think flaws can be beautiful and charming look at this gorgeous woman, Eva Mendez one of my favorite beauties. She has flaws a crooked mouth and a larger nose and chin, if you see it as a flaw. I think she looks amazing. If you are proud of your flaws it can be the most beautiful, unique and sexy part of you. Try to be comfortable in your own skin, before you begin the search for perfection. Will perfection give you peace of mind? I don’t think so – and too much plastic surgery will erase your own uniqueness. Be proud of your features and flaws, nobody looks like you in this world unless you have a twin haha ;).

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