My 6 Steps To Getting Bikini-Ready In A Week

My Jewelry with a 40 % discount




Hello Ladies,

Do you like my jewelry ?

You can buy it on my web-shop, right now with a 40% discount weiiiiii!!!

You can buy these amazing rings for only 209 kr. and earrings for 179 kr. Go check out all the different designs click HERE There are 15 pages of jewelry to look at, all with the 40 % discount, so remember to turn the page if you don’t like the selection on the first few pages, there is so much awesome stuff. My favorite selection is on page 12 and 15.


By the way the discount will end on Monday 15/8 – so don’t wait too long.

The quality is awesome and it feels so good on my skin, I LOVE it!

It could also be a good gift, if you wan’t to spoil your Bestie, mom or sister..

Spinning Jewelry is a stylish and modern jewelry brand. You can create your own unique look, it’s a danish design and I absolutely adore it. Feminine, fragile, classic with a hint of Sabrina lol 🙂


Unfortunately delivery is only in Denmark sorry ;(

So All my danish chica’s enjoy! Get your jewelry on.. 😀 sparkle and bling your way to a sunny mood, cos its kinda cold right now in Denmark, but at-least I have some nice jewelry for you to wear, hopefully that will cheer you up.

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  • 脱毛サロンと聞くと勧誘してくるような悪いイメージがありますが、スタッフは強引な勧誘をすることは禁じられていますので気楽に通うことができます。もしも納得いかなければ全額返金のサービスがあるほど自信を持って施術を行っている脱毛サロンです。ココの店舗も駅チカですので、お仕事終わりや用事のついでに寄っていくことができます。

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