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Slim verses Fat


Hey Peeps,

So I am back! I have been MIA lately what can I say – I have been busy, vaccation, work, just life you know how it is. Anyway I just returned from the most amazing vaccation ever, ever! Las Vegas what a awesome place –  I will be posting lots of amazing Vegas pics, don’t worry 😀 ..

But lets get back to the subjekt slim verses fat – why this crazy headline? I was so surprised about the american women, they really have something danish and british woman lack! No matter what size or shape they have, they strut around in there bikinis or swimsuits with their heads high having an AMAZING attitude – BIG smiles! I am georgeous and I don’t care about my flab, I am bootylicious and perfect. I have a big fat ass with cellulite and I own it. WOW I was so impressed and amazed by these unique, female queens. Being fat, chubby or full of cellulite didn’t stop their awesomeness. I really love how these women glow, they have the perfect aura showing of their bodys with pride. I did my little catwalk around the pool, they did their little catwalk around the pool. Some of the ladies where VERY Big, they didn’t at any point look uncomfortable, these beautiful confident unique women created such a great vibe, passing me With BIG smileys and a small chat. So my conclusion is us women in Europe can learn something from these queens, why waste your time being depressed or shy because you are fat or have flab? So what – you are not perfect – no one is. Honestly the most beautiful women in the world are the onces with confidence, the ladies that smile and glow. I loved looking at confident women with huge flabby booties walk their catwalk and charm boys. I was thinking AWESOME!! I hope this will inspire you to own what you have. All women are perfect mysterious creatures and we all have something beautiful and unique. Jump in your bikinis and shine this summer. Xo

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