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Best Bikini Pics From Las Vegas – Travel Guide


Hello Boyz and Gals,

Are you planing on a trip to Las Vegas soon? Don’t miss the pool party at Marquee dayclub located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel! Best pool party ever ever 😉

My favorite nightclub is XS it is not only my opinion but the people that live in Vegas,  go there because it is the BEST! It is huge – I was there twice. The first time David Guetta was a DJ it was Saturday night. The 2. time was Sunday it was more layed back but still cool. Actually a pool party was happening at the nightclub around 2 am Sunday. People where walking around wet, I was too chicken to jump in the pool without my bikini, but don’t let that stop you LOL ;D

The vibe in Vegas is OFF the hook! I really love that everything is allowed and you meet people from all parts of the world. So many different accents, I connected with so many new people it was amazing. Vegas is a must try if you didn’t go yet. This trip was my 3. Vegas trip and not my last. I am tempted to go again later this summer.

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