The Secret To Making Him Fall Deeply In Love Forever

The Best Things In Life Are Free, 40 reasons!


A day at the beach

A walk in the woods

Deep talks with my dad

Teasing my mom

My brothers protection

laughing until my belly hurts with my friends

A hug from my best friend

Running by the beach with my dog


Speaking my mind

Feeling sexy

Working out


Reading a mind-blowing good book

Listening to my favorite song

Playing with my goddaughter

Watching the sunset

A long shower



Breathing Fresh air

Climbing Trees

Unconditional love

Kissing and so much more 😉

Watching my favorite movie

Feeling the warmth from the sun on my skin

A smile from a stranger on the street

Wearing my favorite dress

Feeling the wind in my hair

Diving into the ocean

Watching people


Smelling fresh flowers

Working towards my goals

Doing what I love

Meeting new people

Watching a beautiful view

Drinking cold water when I am thirsty

Riding horses with the pyramids behind me (Free if you live in Egypt and you own your own horse haha..)

Listening to a good story

I hope you don’t think this post is too corney.. 🙂  

But I often think, how the hell did I get this lucky.






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The Secret To Making Him Fall Deeply In Love Forever