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April Fools’ 2016

April Fool’s Day is a holiday where people play pranks on each other all across the world, and has been celebrated since the Roman times.

While you might be switching the salt and the sugar, or putting a plastic spider in someone’s tea, there have been some truly incredible pranks that fooled the entire world.

So You all fell for my April Fool prank yesterday!

Even my best friend that I have known for 15 years fell for it. She called me up laughing hysterically on the phone, telling me her thoughts while she was reading my story about the Chris Hemsworth affair.

She was thinking WHY didn’t Sabrina tells me this, she always tells me everything and was really upset about it, until she read the end and found out she was pranked.

So happy I fooled my BFF hahaha, then I am sure I must have fooled you too..

Check out some April Fool jokes below 😉









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Find Out What Hollywood Actor I dated For A While