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Experts are saying Fatigue affects strong and caring people! Find out why?

I have heard that selfish people live longer, after reading this article, I am thinking maybe its true. Unfortunately I am one of those people that overthink things and I can’t be happy until I know everybody around me, are doing well. Therefore I found this article very useful as a reminder ;)..

Fatigue Syndrome is a word that has begun to be seen and heard more and more in recent years. It is a disease that people can get from prolonged stress. For example,- you have a lot to do at work or in your private life . Yes, you have certainly heard of it. You probably know someone who has suffered from fatigue, or perhaps you might have been affected by it yourself. Unfortunately fatigue is not taken seriously. Some people think it is a made-up disease. But it is very real and often effects high-performing people. A stress expert describes what fatigue really means.

1. Fatigue affects strong people According to Karin Isberg it affects the condition of high performing individuals with ” great inner resources ” . They set high standards for themselves and they also experience demands from the outside. “It takes a strong person to push themselves hard, and keep it going for a long time”. According to brain researcher Agneta Sandström fatigue often affects people with skilled jobs.

2. The fatigue affects caring people Karin Isberg says, – good-hearted people who think about others well-being, they are more prone to fatigue. They feel it is selfish to focus on themselves and they neglect their own needs. She compares it to driving a car without fuel.

3. Fatigue affects those who find it difficult to say NO. Anyone who thinks of others more than themselves and place great demands on themselves, – usually have difficulties with saying NO. They tap all their inner resources before they say NO and then it is to late.

4. Fatigue is not the same as a depression, although fatigue and depression have similarities, there are crucial differences. While depressed people “give up” usually exhausted people feel frustration and anger over life.

5. The way out of exhaustion is to focus on yourself. Give priority to your own well-being! Then fill the internal resources and devote time to yourself – do things that make YOU Happy! It is also good to practice on setting limits, saying no and asking for help. It prevents you from suffering from fatigue. The most important thing is, sleeping properly.

We won’t have the energy to be supportive and help the people we love and care about, if we do not take care of ourselves FIRST.

Remember to LOVE yourself and say NO, when you need to.


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