Bloggersdelight 5th Birthday, see how it all went Down ;) 

Davidsen Calendar Pictures 

Hello Boyz and gals :D…

This shoot was soooo much fun!! I had such a great time shooting these pictures outside in the snow – yes you heard me right OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW, the amazing cold danish winter – and a rough factory was the setting for this shoot.

Not only did we shoot pictures 😉 – But we filmed the most amazing funny short-films 😉 You need to see them, they are a MUST SEE!! – HILARIOUS what do you guys think of my acting skills? I think I am the BEST, but you guys already know I have SOO much confidence boiled up in my big hair – haha ;)..

Press the link and see THE other sexy calendar ladies and my hilarious movies 😀 Too see the movie press: ” se filmen” below my pictures – Enjoy and please let me know what you think! Here is the link 😉

To watch the backstage pictures for this shoot click HERE and HERE 😉

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Bloggersdelight 5th Birthday, see how it all went Down ;)