GirlPower Weekend!! Start your Friday By Kicking Some Ass

Video’s From My Calendar/Movie Shoot! Underwear and Snow!

Hello Lovely People,

Thank you for dropping by!! :D… I have so many readers these days I am so happy – Yaaaah!! Thanks for the support..

Here is some footage backstage video’s from my shoot! Hopefully you will find it funny! Being a model is not always so glamorous as you can see here.. LOL I had to change my clothes and get warm in a camping wagon, my make up artist was there to keep me company, the only other girl on set.. 🙂 The second scene I was offered a warm Range Rover to chill in while they adjusted camera and video, in-between shooting!! That was a life saver.. Thank you boyz ;)..

Happy Saturday – What are you up too?

Last night I went to a Spa place!! That was how I spend my Friday eve ;).. Amazing to spoil your body with a sauna gus and steam and so on.. My facial skin looked so amazing afterwards!.. You should try it.


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GirlPower Weekend!! Start your Friday By Kicking Some Ass