Fake Friends... Read this!

Sneak peak – Texas chainsaw massakre 

Hey Peeps,

Some fun behind the scenes pic from my shoot yesterday!! I had a blast 😉 I am not allowed to say what company, but you should look forward to a sick calendar with 4 models – we get 3 month each and a amazing fun sexy movie as well…  I can’t wait to show this to you.

My acting was off the hook yesterday.. I die in so many different ways, electrified, stoned to death by rocks.. I loose a leg and so much more fun acting in this movie!! Yaaaah!!

I will share some other scenes with you asap. Look forward to it!

I had to cut wood with the chainsaw you see in the picture. I was scared shitless actually, cos of all the scary movies I have watched – but I didn’t cut my leg.. Thank God haha!!

By the way I feel like I need some applaus while you watch this post. I was in my underwear in the snow for 6 hours yesterday, could you manage that? 😉

SOOOO COOOLD!!!!! But I am a pro and didn’t complain! … That is how you secure more jobs, nobody likes a winey diva.

Besides the cold I had a awesome time, literally laughing most of the day. Working together with a amazing talented crew.. Thank you BOYS! and my amazing makeup artist rocked!!

Video’s and More behind the scene pics coming up – stay toned!


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