Detox Juice Hysteria, Here is What I think!

Important – why you stop your fitness goals in 3 month ;)

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the silence the last 2 days, I am in London at the moment busy working as a model these days!!

Anyway – January is the month when most people join a fitness center and 3 month after most people stop. If you want to avoid being part of the depressing statistic read this 😉


You get what you pay for

In most gyms you will get a start program when you sign up, and that is okay, but here is the problem: a beginner program only lasts 14 days! Afterwards you need to progress in your training or it won’t get better. If you keep the beginner program for 2 -3 month I can understand why people stop. They have paid a lot and used a lot of their time, – and they still look the same, no difference 🙁 Why should they keep going? The arguments are hard to find, waste of time and money.. oh no..

Anyway imagine the other scenario. You become a member in you local gym and in 12 weeks you see a huge difference on your body and you feel better as well. Now it makes sense to spend money and time on your body. When you get the taste of being in better shape, you do not want to go back to looking out of shape – and you will not be a quitter like the statistic says.


Give it a chance

Rome was not built in one day and your transformation will take time. Therefor give your training a chance minimum 4 weeks. Are you unfit and follow a great program, you will feel a difference after 4 weeks and you will have a idea about what to expect.

The responsibility is yours

The responsibility for your health, shape, weight loss will always be your own. Do not expect the gym to help you. (unless you pay for it) If you don’t have a friend that can help you out and train with you, a fitness buddy that has a killer buddy, who wahts to show you how it is done – you can always pay for a Personal Trainer. Take responsibility for your own success. Don’t be a loser be a winner 😉


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Detox Juice Hysteria, Here is What I think!