Resentment and Envy, What to do?

Detox Juice Hysteria, Here is What I think!


DONT GO ON THE juice hysteria wave if you want to loose weight!!

Denmark have been going juice crazy in their kitchens, part of the new health wave. You are not trendy if you do not have a juicer, I have one haha ;).. I enjoy one fresh juice in the morning. But if you have to lose weight or just keep your weight it is not the best way to ONLY DRINK FRESH JUICE!. Loosing weight is all about eating less calories than you burn!! So think, what will fill your belly the most some chicken or a juice ?

What will fill you up?

No doubt – you get concentrated health filled with important vitamins and minerals in your fresh juice, that is why I drink one every morning. But if you drink juice all day long you will get a lot of calories in you, but feel like your stomach is empty, why? because all the fibers that fill you stomach up are not in the liquid juice but the firm part of the vegs and fruits and that is the part you throw out in the garbage when you make a juice, so you are basically torturing your stomach!

What will fill you up the most??? in one big glas of juice 400 ml will be approximately 250 calories. What do you think will satisfy your body the most, 400 ml juice or 750 g fruit and vegetables you will chew ?…

Eat your calories if you want to loose weight don’t drink them – you will feel crazy amounts of hunger and you really don’t need to suffer that much to lose weight. People think you need maximum amount of pain to lose weight – you DONT! Actually you don’t need to feel hungry at all, you just need to eat the right things!! lean meat – chicken, turkey, fish and vegetables and a little bit of fruit! very simple – NO DAIRY- NO GLUTEN – NO SUGAR – NO ALCOHOL! Go easy on the salt as well, use other good spices for taste if you really want to be serious with your weight loss CUT THE SALT or use very little. Remember some good fats like olive oil, avocado and coconut oil. Yes you will have cravings, probably be missing your favorite chocolate or candy, but you won’t be starving yourself like the ridiculous juice diets. Your body will chew normal food and therefore you will feel full. 😉

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  • Det ser lækkert ud, måske man skulle blive lidt sundere. Har dog læst på graviditetsbloggen at man skal passe på med for mange frugter, da de kan indeholde sprøjtegift og det er skadeligt hvis du er gravid. Ved du om der er hold i det? Vil ikke skade mit foster.

    Tak for en ellers dejlig blog 🙂

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