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Breakfast and Energy

Hello Peeps,

I am listening to the danish experts on TV, recommending what to eat and they all say SKYER – its a low-fat yogurt kinda thing! and very trendy and popular, if you have Skyer in your fridge, people think they are very healthy…..

Anyway Skyer is a really lame breakfast, not anything I would recommend! I would start with a banana or a fresh squeezed juice, shortly after boiled or fried eggs or a omelet – with some rice or other kind of carbs that can give you energy, together with some fresh vegetables. Rice in the morning? – Yes rice in the morning! it could also be potatoes or sweet potatoes. It beats filling your belly with bread full of gluten, so you are swollen and your body has to suffer digesting all that bread the rest of your day – and you need some real energy when you have breakfast, its a important meal.

That my friends is a real breakfast, it gives you all the energy you need for a busy day. Skyer is a trend, just because it is trendy it doesn’t mean it is good for you.

Happy Thursday


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  • Huram K

    That’s interesting. I’ve tried Skyr (thin yogurt version) with oatmeal and fresh blueberries. Tastes pretty good but not sure if it has gluten… Everyone’s been talking about gluten like it’s the cookie monster 🙂

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    • Sabrina

      Hi Huram, Thank you for your comment. Gluten in general is very unhealthy for your body, try to google it! 😉 Some people will feel the bad effect more than others, but if you don’t feel anything it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Being bloated and sleepy after eating gluten is a normal effect – because the body is struggling with the digestion, try to notice it ;)..

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