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You Eat Healthy and exercise every day, But you still get fat! Find Out What the reasons could be here…

Hello Ladies and Gents,

As a personal trainer, I have clients with many different problems, this one is very annoying and more common that you think, if you are in this situation listen up!

There are several reasons…

You eat healthy, you have tried several different healthy diets and you work out hard everyday or 3-5 times a week. The horrible thing is – you keep getting fatter and bigger. So depressing and crazy annoying for you.

  1. Reason: You are mentally and psychically stressed out, therefor the body is out of balance and your body does not respond normally to exercise and healthy food. You work to hard in your professional life, you have problems in your personal life, you are sad or depressed – these factors have an impact on your body. Until you solve your problems and become a relaxed and happy person you will not lose weight. Mind and body are connected, we can’t get around that unfortunately..
  2. Reason: You have problems with your hormones especially your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland controls our metabolism – I have some great supplements that will give your thyroid gland a huge boost, if you suspect this could be the issue. The supplements are natural remedies and can be found on the internet ;).. Have a search for them.. Natural amazing supplements, I have attached a picture, both supplements have the same purpose. One is drops and the other one is pills.   Good Luck – hopefully this will help you out!! Merry Xmas 🙂

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New Christmas Movie JOY with Jennifer Lawrence - Watch Trailer Here!