Girl-power Saturday, Women and Competition

TV2 ZULU 1. January Hangover!! 



Hello Boys and Girls,

Do not forget to watch TV2 Zulu in Denmark 1st January ;).. I will be on the channel all day doing nutty hangover things ;).. It is hilarious!! – Danish Humour taken to a whole other level LOL. The two TV hosts are SOOO MUCH FUN!! Love them.

Have a look at the above behind the scenes pictures. Working with these two guys gave me stomach cramps ALL day because I was laughing non stop for 6 hours.. Seriously so disgusting and FUN at the same time. 😀 Look forward to your Zulu hangover. I am sure you will have a cray and amazing New Year, a chilled ZULU Marathon will be much needed the next day. 😉

I have had a very chilled weekend, I said NO to two different parties on Saturday like a good girl. I have a important meeting this week and I want to look rested and healthy. I am going to workout everyday this week and that is hard if you didn’t have a rested weekend.

How was your weekend? Good girl or bad boy? :D..

Enjoy your Monday – Make the best of it!!

Merry Christmas and soon Happy New Year!

Merry Curly Kisses.

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Girl-power Saturday, Women and Competition