Christmas Is Over

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Okay so now that I have Christmas out of the way and I have almost eaten myself to death and I have had a sugar hangover. I am ready to get back into it…

Have you tried a sugar hangover? I always get it, when I have to much sugar the night before, I wake up feeling lasy and I have a headache, I feel like crap. Same situation if you have been drinking.. My body is used to clean eating. Last night I had a lot of dark chocolate, waaay too much of it, I am not feeling super today.. chocolate hangover!!.. NOOO!

I’m ready to get back – to being healthy! I love how I feel when I eat clean, nutritious food. 😉 This Christmas I was good with my workouts actually ;)…

When I have too long time off my workouts I start feeling strange and anxious and I start going even more mental than I already am.. 😀

Who feels the same?

Feel Good About You – New Year Goals ;)

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Just because someone is ”slender” or ”toned” or ”muscly” or ”curvy” or whatever else doesn’t mean they are healthy or happy.

Don’t try to be like anyone else -aim to be healthy. Stop looking at other people and comparing yourself with them then feeling down because you don’t look like them. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. Nobody is perfect and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Learn to love and accept yourself and always aim to be YOUR best.



What Do You Look Like When You finish your Workout? ;)


Hey People,

If you look sexy when you finish your workout!! You know you are not working hard enough! ;)…

If you look half dead, you are crawling to the changing room, your face is red and you are dripping with sweat you can tap yourself on your shoulder because you did a good job… 😉

Many gals ask me how I workout and what I eat… unfortunately there are no shortcuts. Do you look cute and perfect after your gym session? – do you have flawless makeup and perfect hair ?… then you know you have been a lasy cow..  😉 hahahaha.. it is the perfect way to measure your gym engagement.

;).. I train hard! Short brakes – I try to keep my heart bounding the whole time – fat burning while I get strong. I challenge and push myself, heavy weights or difficult core exercises. If you want those amazing abbs and perky bum, its the only way to get them.

Good Luck – remember summer body’s are made in the winter 😉


Khloe is still a good wife ;)


Khloe Kardashian has been a good wife … continuing her commitment to the rehabilitation of Lamar Odom.

Khloe visited Lamar the day after Christmas at Cedars Sinai hospital, where the former NBA star has been laid up for months after his OD.

It’s interesting … Khloe had her divorce proceedings dismissed, yet she is not trying to resurrect the relationship … she just wants to help him.

No fanfare … no Instagram … pretty admirable.

Khloe is a good hearted gal! She is my favorite of the Kardashians, not only is she the most funny and caring – she has the best style in clothes too and she seems very real compaired to Kim..



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