Shout Out To All The Mixed People In The World ;)

Mileys Wild New Pics ;)






Yello Boyz and Gals,

Miley is a wild, wild chick. This is a new photoshoot with the famous and talented photografer Terry Richardson..

These pics are personally not my style. I do not find them sexy in any way, but they are artistic, bad ass and very different. The model and photografer both deserve props for having new ideas and wow how brave is Miley! Miley is one brave gal! Being a model myself, I know how worried you can feel before jumping into a new shoot. I don’t even do nude shoots, only bikini and lingerie and I still worry sometimes. You have to go with the flow, it is a paid job and you have to act professional. Hopefully you trust the photographer and hopefully you have an idea about the end result and what you are getting yourself into. But the truth is, you can never know the end result until you see the pictures. Lighting, angles and photographic details determines what kind of mood and feel the picture will have in the end – and that choice is left to the photographer, not model.

Anyway I have always been into – NOT JUGDING –  Why waste time wrinkling our noses and being judgmental when we see pictures that are provocative and wild!.. Lets embrace it and find the coolness in them ;)..

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Shout Out To All The Mixed People In The World ;)