10 tips to Stay Lean at Christmas

Girl-power Saturday, Women and Competition


In life us women have a tendency to compete with each other. It is annoying and a waste of time. We need to accept there is always going to be someone better than you! Someone prettier, someone more successful, someone smarter and so on. 😉

I am okay with that because she won’t be me. I like being me with flaws and all the rest.. Because that is what makes me – me :D..

Why waste our energy with competing. Own yourself cos you are one unique and special woman. One of a kind ;)..

I will never be the kind of woman that can wear a white dress and not spill on it. I will never be the kind woman that enjoy’s baking a pie from scratch, standing in the kitchen all day. I will never be the kind of woman that holds her tongue when it is expected of her. I am never going to be a girlie girl. I like being wild – jumping of a high cliff hopefully landing in rock free water or boxing until my clothes is drenched in sweat. That’s a small part of me. :)..

What are your Flaws? I would love to hear about them :D..

Happy Saturday!

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10 tips to Stay Lean at Christmas