Feel Good About You - New Year Goals ;)

Christmas Is Over

LEGS!! 062

Okay so now that I have Christmas out of the way and I have almost eaten myself to death and I have had a sugar hangover. I am ready to get back into it…

Have you tried a sugar hangover? I always get it, when I have to much sugar the night before, I wake up feeling lasy and I have a headache, I feel like crap. Same situation if you have been drinking.. My body is used to clean eating. Last night I had a lot of dark chocolate, waaay too much of it, I am not feeling super today.. chocolate hangover!!.. NOOO!

I’m ready to get back – to being healthy! I love how I feel when I eat clean, nutritious food. 😉 This Christmas I was good with my workouts actually ;)…

When I have too long time off my workouts I start feeling strange and anxious and I start going even more mental than I already am.. 😀

Who feels the same?

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Feel Good About You - New Year Goals ;)