Fitness Saturday Met-com - Hardcore ;) Military style!



I promise you, each time you complain, nag, have a fight, feel sorry for yourself, tell on others, talk behind other people’s back – you fuck yourself up!



Your vibration becomes low, Your thoughts become low and you become a magnet for more crap.

So don’t – quit the drama. Be calm, take a deep breath..

Try to be large, look at mistakes and flaws as if, it is not a biggie.

Move yourself with dignity away from cold and darkness, move yourself towards heat and light.

Remove yourself from drama, move yourself mentally and psychically.. 😉

The world has given me a lot of resistance, mainly jealousy. But I seek dignity, calmness and balance, then I get everything I need and want and I become the person I want to be.

Resistance makes me stronger as a person, but drama makes me weak. Positive energy gives you overview and overview gives you more energy..

It starts with this day, each day you control 😉 So create a drama free day for yourself and the people around you!

Happy Days.. Deep Monday! Muaaah..

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Fitness Saturday Met-com - Hardcore ;) Military style!