Khloe on Ellen Degeneres Show

Hi Guys,

I Love Khloe and I love Ellen Degeneres so here is the latest Khloe interview on Ellen ;)…

Damn Khloe is cool and very beautiful her new hair is nice, a hair change is always fun!

I hope you are all having a great Monday. The Lamar situation should remind all of us about – how lucky we are to have our good health and never take it for granted.

Enjoy the interviews… xoxo

Circuit Training

Hello Boyz and Gals,

Please watch my video and learn some new fitness inspiration!! I am working my ass of here and it is obviously working haha.. I love mixing up workouts and doing different things each time I go to the gym, that last exercise will give you some great abbs, it is so much harder than it looks! 😉 … Try it!

Enjoy 😉


Feelings How To Deal With Them..

Life has to make sense to you, suffering occurs when you don’t feel like your life makes any sense. Is this life? nothing more? was this all it could be?

Your life has to make sense to you, otherwise you have misunderstod something. The importance of your life will happen when you go out and do – what you dream about doing 😉 Very simple..

When you are brave enough to feel your feelings – listen to them..

A very smart woman once told me; The person who dances the most, kisses the most and loves the most wins!!

Wins what? you might be thinking..

Wins herself! Right there will be a woman or man that are brave. Brave enough to throw themselves into life and take what they want. I am not saying dancing, kissing and love can save everything.. But it definitely puts a smile on your face.. 😉 and a cherry on your day!

My point is, be brave enough to throw yourself out in unknown situations, don’t be scared!

Say how you feel and don’t be scared to acknowledge your feelings 😉

The pain occurs when you are not living the life you dream about!

So what do you dream about? what is missing in your life? what should you do, to get what your want? How does it feel not having the life you want?

So start listening to yourself and your inner thoughts, I don’t like when I meet people who are turned off, they have lost contact, hope or whatever… They might be suppressing their feelings because they are annoying, so they don’t want to listen to them.. and often they will not be happy for you, because you do ;)..

What do you do, when you have annoying thoughts? alkohol? food? training? sex? sukker? drama?

We all feel uncomfortable feelings sometimes, it could be pain, anger, disappointment. The point is – be brave enough to feel it and not suppress them..

In the danish culture we are told strong feelings can be childish or embarrassing, I am luckily half Egyptian so I am brought up with the concept feel your feelings.. If I am happy, everybody will know 😉 if I am upset everybody will know that too. I can hide my feelings, but I don’t want too, it doesn’t feel right – and it is not healthy.

We all carry the responsibility for our own happiness, every little choice you make will bring you closer or further away from what you want in life..

If you want to get close to you dreams, you need to be brave enough to accept your thoughts and listen to them, don’t hide them away – with a night out or a chocolate cake.. lol..

What are the consequences ? … You might have to say goodbye to a lovely man, maybe you are not in love!…Maybe you hate your job, maybe you are bored and need a change of scenery! You will never know until you start listening.

There is no easy way, living life like a robot won’t make you happy 😉

I don’t believe in destiny, I believe in action. When people leave their life into destiny’s hands, they park the responsibility of their own life..

So my encouragement is: Do what you can to secure your own life on every level..

Listen to yourself! What could fuck up your life – is all the things you do – to ignore your own feelings.

Who knew a curly haired girl could be this smart! :D.. haha..














Let Go ;) 10 guidelines for a happy life!!


 1. Leave the past!

2. Accept NOW 😉 By doing that you create a wonderful future for yourself….

3. Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness 😉

4. Embrace your small flaws they make you unique

5. Happiness is not about more, its about less

6. A year from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter 😉

7. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

8. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

9. Take care of each other and help out..

10.You should never give up. No matter how hard the situation is, always believe that something beautiful is going to happen..

Thank you for listening, I hope it was useful or put a smile on your face.. xo




I promise you, each time you complain, nag, have a fight, feel sorry for yourself, tell on others, talk behind other people’s back – you fuck yourself up!



Your vibration becomes low, Your thoughts become low and you become a magnet for more crap.

So don’t – quit the drama. Be calm, take a deep breath..

Try to be large, look at mistakes and flaws as if, it is not a biggie.

Move yourself with dignity away from cold and darkness, move yourself towards heat and light.

Remove yourself from drama, move yourself mentally and psychically.. 😉

The world has given me a lot of resistance, mainly jealousy. But I seek dignity, calmness and balance, then I get everything I need and want and I become the person I want to be.

Resistance makes me stronger as a person, but drama makes me weak. Positive energy gives you overview and overview gives you more energy..

It starts with this day, each day you control 😉 So create a drama free day for yourself and the people around you!

Happy Days.. Deep Monday! Muaaah..