Kris Jenners Sexy Sixty Birthday Bash

Fitness Saturday Met-com – Hardcore ;) Military style!

Hey Ladies,

This is propper military training 😉  You can do some of the exercises at home – Jumping and pushups are easily done in your livingroom 😉

You need to get your ass to the gym for the ropes, they are heavy ugh.. The TRX abb training will be a challenge to do at home too.  But its Saturday and Sunday tomorrow so I am sure you will have time to visit the gym once this weekend!!

A hardcore weekend workout, with time to relax and recover afterwards!.. Ahh nothing feels better after you are done. If you have been drinking you need to sweat it out right! 😉

Abbs and a tight booty doesn’t come easy to anyone! We all have to work hard for it, including me! 😉 This workout is good for your muscles and your cardio, its tough but OH so effective, no time to waste 😉 Get going!


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Kris Jenners Sexy Sixty Birthday Bash