Lamar Odoms Recovery :)))

Richmond Park


I had a amazing Sunday with these two danish ladies. We went to Richmond park around 3 pm after I had a late night at Loulous a Westend Membership club in London. When I woke up I wasn’t sure if I was up for hiking or not, but I am thrilled and glad that I pulled myself together and went. We had the best day, surrounded by amazing nature and loads of deers. I googled Richmond park before we went and it mentioned the park had wild animal life, but we had no idea how many deers we would see. We saw herds of deers running together with there babies, I felt like I was on a safari in Africa – probably 30 -50 deers. Check out my next post where you can see the herds flocking together, I got some great pictures. Who knew this exciting animal life was one hour away from London. I didn’t :).. My goal is to explore areas outside central London, after this awesome experience. I need to get out of my posh, safe, Mayfair hood. 🙂

If you like my fashion style on these pictures, the brands are below 😉

My tracksuit is from Jordan’s.   

My shades a new, I love them, real snakeskin from Linda Farrow the only shades I buy these days.

Shoes – Nike Air Max

Leather jacket from Samsø Samsø (Danish brand)

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Lamar Odoms Recovery :)))