Richmond Park, Part 2


I promised you some pictures of the beautiful deers and their babies, here you have it!! How wonderful is this Park?! I love it.. If you ever come to the UK!! You need to go.. Me and my girls had the best time. Don’t underestimate the power of a day out in nature! nothing compares to it, really!! Its good for your body, mind and soul!..

I forgot to mention my bag is from Burberry and my scarf is from Gucci. I forgot to mention that in my first Richmond Park post..

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Wanting Who You Can’t Have ;)


This person is everything you’ve wanted!

I have girlfriends and ladies that often come to me with the same LOVE problems!! I am usually right on, when it comes to guys! I know what I am doing, because I think rationally so here is my advice..

He is handsome, has a great career, loving, great sense of humor, talented, open-minded, and down-to-earth.
There’s only one thing….you can’t have him.
This is when distinguishing the difference between who we want & who we need is necessary, but some, inhibit that kind of process by relying on that  “hope factor”
It doesn’t matter if that married man says he loves you. He isn’t yours, but you still hope things change.
You think he’s scared of commitment. You think he will change his mind, when he sees how amazing you are 😉
He seems to always be too busy to spend quality time with you, but wait! You guys are not in a relationship, so he’s not obligated!… 😉
Women have tried to change these kind of guys forever, but it never works. It never works because the ladies are not being honest with themselves. It’s a bad thing to try and force love & commitment with a guy. The guys go on about their business unlike the ladies who lose hairs wondering why they haven’t called them… haha 😉
Some have known from the beginning what kind of situation these men are in, but the “hope factor” allows women to keep pursuing them. Ladies you have to utilize your intelligence in a way that will help you to understand that sometimes who we want may not be who we need. Once you realize that, a guy who you cannot have will not have the power to emotionally manipulate you. Most importantly, you have to see yourselv worthy of having more than what you settle for.

There’s nothing worse than trying to fight for attention from…..

The married one: It’s really obvious why you shouldn’t waste your time on this one. He’s already said his vows to his woman in front of their families. So, you have had an affair. In the end, something like this will never go in your own favor, because in most cases the side chick is only there as a temporary fix. With a ring & official papers, he is obligated to wifey by putting her first in everything and rightfully so. Therefore, you can’t have him. You may want him, but you don’t need him.

The punk: This one tells you & shows you all the right things, but when feelings between you both fester, he shows signs of fear by avoiding your calls and making excuses about his “broken heart”. If he really wanted to be with you, he’d prove it with consistency and genuine interest. You wanted magic in your relationship, but he misunderstood that when he disappeared. You feel like you need him, but I’m sure you don’t 😉 Move on!

The non-ambitious one: Simply put..if he has no goals in life & doesn’t care to achieve any like you do, don’t waste your time. You may want his good looks, but you don’t need his undesired outlook on life to rub off on you.

The manipulator: In this type of relationship, there could possibly be the ability of you both feeding off each other’s power trip. You both lie & charm the pants off each other, but there will come a time when you get bored.. 😉

Hopefully This cleared up things for you, if you are in a awkward situation  – because he hasn’t called you 🙂  … You will know whats up!

I want my ladies to be strong and powerfull, not weak and chasing ;)… Muaaah

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Girl, who are you trying to convince that you’re worth love and commitment? him or yourself?


Let’s get one thing straight first and foremost…if you have to spend energy trying to convince him that you are worth a committed relationship, then I’m sorry to tell you but he’s not ready to commit. No matter how loving, caring, beautiful, kind, attentive, generous, sexy, funny, and downright lovely you are, none of that will matter to a guy who isn’t ready to be tied down. Unfortunately for some women, we see what we want to see and feel what we want to feel. So some women manipulate him with things to convince the guys, that we are worth it. Sex is most often the carrot that some use to guide the horse into our barn. Why? Because NO man will turn down willing sexy females, especially considering he knows she is accepting his behavior. He’s taking full advantage of your need to be in a relationship and you fall for it, thinking your vajaja or personality will make him change his mind. 😉

When a man says he doesn’t want a relationship, respect his decision..but respect yourself more and move on. There’s nothing more pathetic than an intelligent woman playin’ herself like lotto because she fears being single. Fact is…there’s nothing wrong with being single, it can be awesome, no responsibilities, having your freetime, meeting new people, enjoying adventures, traveling, focussing on your career and yourself. You freetime can also help you grow emotionally and mentally. Being single is awesome… 😉

There’s also the problem with women who crave attention and mistakes it for wanting love. Do you want a relationship because you crave the attention you get while you’re in it or do you really want love? This goes for guys too, if there are any boyzz reading along.. 😉  Either way, giving your soul away for the sake of a person who only wants you for fun is not what I want my female or male readers to do, I want you to have self worth, don’t waste your energy on the wrong people.

Thinking with our hearts gets us into a lot of trouble.  If we want a committed relationship, it’s easier to just let it be known … No man is worth you chasing him… Hell No Ladies 🙂

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Richmond Park


I had a amazing Sunday with these two danish ladies. We went to Richmond park around 3 pm after I had a late night at Loulous a Westend Membership club in London. When I woke up I wasn’t sure if I was up for hiking or not, but I am thrilled and glad that I pulled myself together and went. We had the best day, surrounded by amazing nature and loads of deers. I googled Richmond park before we went and it mentioned the park had wild animal life, but we had no idea how many deers we would see. We saw herds of deers running together with there babies, I felt like I was on a safari in Africa – probably 30 -50 deers. Check out my next post where you can see the herds flocking together, I got some great pictures. Who knew this exciting animal life was one hour away from London. I didn’t :).. My goal is to explore areas outside central London, after this awesome experience. I need to get out of my posh, safe, Mayfair hood. 🙂

If you like my fashion style on these pictures, the brands are below 😉

My tracksuit is from Jordan’s.   

My shades a new, I love them, real snakeskin from Linda Farrow the only shades I buy these days.

Shoes – Nike Air Max

Leather jacket from Samsø Samsø (Danish brand)