Want To Move To London? You Should Know This, Chapter 2

My 7 Rules To Stay Slim and Fit


1. DON’T eat any sugar or carbohydrates  (1 or 2 fruits allowed per day)

2. DON’T Eat any food after 7 pm – only water and organic tea’s

3. Run every morning before you eat breakfast. (fasted cardio)  Wake up drink water and eat a piece of fruit. (it will increase your energy) Jog for 25 minutes, stretch, hot shower, breakfast and you are ready to start your day 😉

4. Go to the gym as often as you can, the bigger the muscles you have, the more calories you will burn. A slim body with no muscles is useless, as soon as you eat a tiny peace of cake it will turn into fat and you will look fat. A person who has muscles will burn it away.

5. My weight is 60 kg. Most people think I weigh 53 -55 kg, but muscles are heavy…. Stop thinking about how much your weight is, use measurements to see your waist become slimmer and follow your body transformation. Take a picture of your body each week and follow the transformation like that. Weight can confuse you!! LOOKING SEXY IS THE GOAL, not how much you weigh. 😉

6. Stay away from alcohol, but a glass of red wine is 10 times better than sugar!! Sugar is the devil! 

7. NO DAIRY, NO BREAD, NO CARBS IN GENERAL. Feed yourself with fresh organic food. Fish, red meat, chicken, eggs, vegetables, salads, brown rice, sweet potato’s, salmon, nuts, avocado, olive oil, healthy fats are good for you

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