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Girl, who are you trying to convince that you’re worth love and commitment? him or yourself?


Let’s get one thing straight first and foremost…if you have to spend energy trying to convince him that you are worth a committed relationship, then I’m sorry to tell you but he’s not ready to commit. No matter how loving, caring, beautiful, kind, attentive, generous, sexy, funny, and downright lovely you are, none of that will matter to a guy who isn’t ready to be tied down. Unfortunately for some women, we see what we want to see and feel what we want to feel. So some women manipulate him with things to convince the guys, that we are worth it. Sex is most often the carrot that some use to guide the horse into our barn. Why? Because NO man will turn down willing sexy females, especially considering he knows she is accepting his behavior. He’s taking full advantage of your need to be in a relationship and you fall for it, thinking your vajaja or personality will make him change his mind. 😉

When a man says he doesn’t want a relationship, respect his decision..but respect yourself more and move on. There’s nothing more pathetic than an intelligent woman playin’ herself like lotto because she fears being single. Fact is…there’s nothing wrong with being single, it can be awesome, no responsibilities, having your freetime, meeting new people, enjoying adventures, traveling, focussing on your career and yourself. You freetime can also help you grow emotionally and mentally. Being single is awesome… 😉

There’s also the problem with women who crave attention and mistakes it for wanting love. Do you want a relationship because you crave the attention you get while you’re in it or do you really want love? This goes for guys too, if there are any boyzz reading along.. 😉  Either way, giving your soul away for the sake of a person who only wants you for fun is not what I want my female or male readers to do, I want you to have self worth, don’t waste your energy on the wrong people.

Thinking with our hearts gets us into a lot of trouble.  If we want a committed relationship, it’s easier to just let it be known … No man is worth you chasing him… Hell No Ladies 🙂

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