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Soda Shoot, Basic Cph & – Model Work!






Hello Peeps,

I had a GREAAAAT shoot for Soda –  Their dresses and jackets are mind-blowing cool. You need to go buy some sexy dresses and jackets for restaurant dinners, clubbing or parties. The price is very cheap and the material feels amazing on your skin, the location is located in the link above.

I wanted to steal all the dresses and jacket. hihihi… The owner of Soda was very kind and he gave me two amazing jackets and one dress. Yaaah!! – THX YOU!! I LOVE THEM.

It was a long day – I was working 6 hours 12 -6, it is harder than you think. You need to focus on every little detail – your body posture, facial expression and the dress has to be on point. It can be stressful when you have more than 50 outfits and not a lot of time to get the perfect picture and pose. We did very well, we had some small bumps in the road, after we fixed that, we became very quick and finished on time. 🙂 My modeling agency in Denmark hired me to do this shoot – they are called Basic Cph, check them out, if you need beautiful models for a shoot. 😉 The photographer was from 

Tomorrow I am on another shoot working for Triumph underwear… I am a busy bee at the moment here in Denmark, I will be returning to London shortly.

The main reason I am in Denmark is because some of my Egyptian family members are visiting Denmark. I came back to spend some quality time with them. I am a very family oriented girl as you all know. 😉

For more behind the scenes modeling jobs click the link – This one is for Loreal Mizani in London my first look: 

Second Loreal Mizani look:

Thank you for dropping by – Yaaah! Muaaah..

Stay toned for the Triumph pictures, I will show some more skin 😉


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All The Kardashians Transformation from the first episode's until Now.