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Small or Big Boobs, What do you prefer?



Kylie Jenner can have both. How can the size change so drastically? Fans and haters of Kylie Jenner have all been speculated if she had a boob job. I think she had a boob job and I think she is also using a bra with a lot of push up. On her new website she revealed her secret to her bigger boobs. Her secret is the “bombshell bra” from Victoria Secret!!! I was right 😉

The video on her website first shows her in a regular bra with no push up – and then changing into her black bombshell bra. I have one crazy push up bra from Victoria Secret – I can’t remember if it is called Bombshell . I never wear it, my boobs look enormous, I would feel embarrassed wearing it – because it is obviously not my regular boob size, so my friends would be wondering what the hell happened to me lol.. But maybe I should wear it soon and not care! 😉 It is baby pink very cute. I can look like a young curly haired Pamela Anderson – Yaaaah that is what I will do soon, thank you Kylie. By the way The “Bombshell” is said to enhance your breast by two cup size. You can watch Kylie Jenner’s full video by subscribing to her website.

Find her website here –

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Backstage Pictures, Photo shoot For Kingsmill