The Game Hooked Up With Kim Kardashian ;) The Game interview Hilarious!

Pretty Party Dresses, where can you find them? ;) Find out here


Hello Ladies,

How are you on this lovely sunny Tuesday morning in Denmark?

My body is sore, because I worked out twice yesterday. I went running in the morning when I woke up and in the evening I took a weightlifting class.

Do you like this dress? 🙂 I will show you, where I shop my short dresses!

I love, love, love this dress. It is sexy because it is short, but at the same time it is very elegant. 😉 Lets get going.

I will show you my style in short dresses 😉

Dress like me when you go out and catch all the boys attention 😉

I Love this sexy black dress – click HERE

The same one in pink – click HERE

This dress has a super cool back, it is sexy not wearing a bra and showing you back, I love that! 😉 click HERE

Long sleeves with glitter – short tight and black, click HERE

I Love this one wow it is so elegant and sexy! I will buy it myself. click HERE and so cheap!

Leopard heaven 😉 if you have a tan and a sexy body, this dress is perfect! It will make all the BOYS heads turn when you walk by 😉 I LOVE IT!! click HERE

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The Game Hooked Up With Kim Kardashian ;) The Game interview Hilarious!