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Hi Peeps,

I was out on Saturday and we started our night at Novikov with an amazing dinner.

I was with all my London ladies, on the below picture you will see myself 1 danish girl and a Norwegian girl. We are a big community of Scandinavians that are based in London.

We started off with some sushi! I didn’t have time to take the picture before some of it was gone. While we where eating our starter, I remembered I didn’t bring my ID with me. So Annoying, even thou I am old enough to go to clubs, all the clubs in London expect you to show ID, or you can’t get in anywhere. So I had to leave the restaurant and run home and get it. Luckily I Live 5 min. walk from Novikov, so I was back quickly. 😉

Some yummy Beef – the food here is so good! I could eat at Novikov every night.

Some vegetables with noodles.

Novikov has 2 restaurants and 2 bars. A Huge bar on the lower ground and a small one next to the restaurants, where you can chill while you wait for your table.

This is the Asien restaurant, the other one is Italien. I prefer the Asien actually, a lot of their food reminds me of Hakkasan – another amazing restaurant in London Mayfair.

Lobster … Oh So GOOD!

Another Kind of Fish!! I am not sure what kind it was, it was too spicey for my taste.

My brother from another Mother! My BFF Of 6 years – He was my first friend when I moved to London. He knows all the right people and is very well connected.

Pretty ladies



Not only is the taste sensational, the way they present it is so beautiful. The chocolate kage and sorbet ice-cream is my favorite!! JUM JUM – If you come to london you must try it.


To Create This MAKE UP LOOK I used the below products!!

Exquiste Ego Eye Shadow Mac, a must have in your collection – golden shade for the finished look.

Studio Finish Concealer NC42 Mac I use it for highlights with my contouring and concealer under my eyes.

Contouring – Mac A42 Matchmaster concealer 

Foundation –Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NC44

Eyeshadow – Biocura Eye Shadow DUO Smokey eyes

Lip Liner -Loreal Lip liner 703 Indefectible Infaillible 

Mac lipstick – Vegas Volt Amplifies

I use Studio Fix powder from mac, find your own shade 😉

Blush – Mac A14 Gold Deposit for my cheek bones, it gives the sun kissed look

Blush – Mac Love Joy – to lift my cheek bones

Brows – I use a Brown Mac eyshadow 😉 I also use it for the eyes.

Mascara  – Loreal Double Extension Carbon Black Fortifying extending Mascara


After dinner we went to Charlie a new club right next to Novikov – across the  street actually. Then Libertine another nightclub where a lot of footballers hangout. We had a good time.

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