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New KARDASHIAN Websites and Apps – ALL the Sisters have one.


Hey Boys and Girls, 

So All the Famous Power sisters have new apps and websites, how cool is that? I am a little  jealous actually, but not in a hater kinda way hehe. A good jealous – I am impressed by how they keep expanding, nothing stops these sisters – wow. The success has been easier for the two younger sister Kendal and Kylie. The older sisters, did most of the work.

I admire the business side of the reality familie. They really, really know how to make money.

But I feel like Kim should have made her website free as a gift to all her fans. But when you are so business oriented as she is, it must be difficult to give people any freebees.

Many people have been criticizing her website because she charges a fee.

Kim Kardashian is shrugging off criticism over the $2.99 monthly fee she charges for access to her website … she says it’s actually a great deal.

Kim’s taking heat from blogs and users who think she’s already made enough money on consumers. But Kim says she’s cutting her fans a break for her makeup tutorials.

There’s big business with makeup lectures … people paying upwards of $500 to see Kim and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic live, so Kim thinks a $3 monthly fee is a steal.

And Kim says she’s offering a lot more … a style section where you can copy her everyday looks.

If that’s not your thing … there’s always Khloe‘s new app where $2.99 buys you unlimited access to her workout videos.

The two younger sisters Kylie and Kendal also have websites, have a look at all of them below.

Kim Kardashians website click link:

Kendal Jenner website click link:

Kylie Jenner Website Click link:

Khloe Kardashian website click link:

For more Kardashian gossip click below links: 😉









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