Make Up Inspiration – Contour and highlight Video watch it here!






Hey Ladies,

Some of you have asked for close up’s of my make up from the Mizani Loreal shoot!

The make up artist took these close ups of the make up. Wow – she is good. One of the best I ever tried, amazing and talented girl.

She started by putting make up primer on my face, then tabe around my eyes so she got the sharp edges from the eyeshadow, a really great tip actually. Look how sharp my edges are on the sides. She put concealer under my eyes and used it to couture my face together with a darker powder, she highlighed my cheek bones, my jaw, my chin, my upper lip, the tip of my nose – and she made my forehead darker, with the darker powder.

I have attached a great couturing video for you to look at, if you are completely new at this amazing make up technic, you should get into it, you can transform your face in a different way.

She put fake eyelashes on me and used 3 different colors of eyeshadow, the secret is blending it. She used a lip liner from mac to emphasize my lips and make them seem larger, no lipgloss or lip stick added. She used a couple of diffrent blushes to emphasize my cheek bones.

Watch the video here 😉



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