Does Happiness Make You Smarter

How To Live Happily?

Hi Guys,

I like this guy, it is true and very informative. We shouldn’t be affected by what happens around us, from other people. We should create our own bubble of happiness that should be impossible to burst, even thou you get negative vibrations from other people. Stop being so affected by everyone and everything that goes on around you. Happiness should be inside you and it should not be determined by outside factors. Easier said than done definitely.

It takes practised and it can be done, I have tried it. You need to focus and be aware of negative energy from the outside, when you feel the negativity, don’t let it get inside you. How? By subconsciously communicating to the energy saying to it, it should stay away from you. It sounds crazy I know, but it works. You need to practise, by controlling your thoughts. If you are a sensitive person like I am, you will be in tune with your feelings and emotions, that also makes you very empathetic. Let’s say you hear a sad story or experiences from a very close friend of yours, she/he means a lot to you. Your strong empathy can make you feel your friends emotions, if she is sad – you will feel sad. That is a perfect situation where you can practise listening and being empathetic, without getting the negative energy into your system. Stop her negative feelings from entering your mind and body, understand her pain. But you shouldn’t feel it, it shouldn’t make you sad. Stop the negative energy from entering your body. It can make a huge difference in your day.

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Does Happiness Make You Smarter