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How To Get A Guy To Approach you?


How To Get A Guy To Approach you?

Hi Ladies,

Have you ever been in a situation when you are out and about and you see a cute guy in the tube station, the supermarket, the gym, a shop, or on the street? I have, and I am always hoping the dude will approach me. Oh God please let this hot dude have the balls to come over and say hi to me… 😀 haha… We are all thinking it, aren’t we?

There is actually a very, very, simple trick where you will give the guy, the balls to do exactly that. What is it?


That is the secret – it might sound disappointing, maybe you where hoping for some magic formula you could say out load, a spell or something. 😉

But I promise you it works if you give the guy a over the top ridiculous smile, he won’t be in doubt about your interest, you like what you see in front of you. It CANNOT be a tiny shy girlish smile, you have to look up, look him straight into his eyes, and give him the biggest smile you have ever given anybody, it should almost be a ridiculous grin, like I said earlier, a smile like a Colgate model. Men are primitive creatures, they do not have the same – 6th sense like we do. If you give him a tiny smile and look away like a shy little girl, he might think the smile was for somebody else, the guy behind him. Or it could be you where thinking about a funny joke, or a fun experience you had earlier during the day. Boys need to get everything spelled out like they are retards – sorry boys – I don’t mean it like that. 😉

But when you give him a huge, ridiculous smile and look him straight into his beautiful eyes, there is no doubt about anything. He can read from your smile and your body language you like what you see 😉 Practice in front of the mirror if you don’t have the flirty over the top Colgate smile on reserve like I do. When you have mastered the ultimate come over here you sexy hot guy – smile. 😉 Another rule comes into the picture. You HAVE TO GIVE HIM THIS SMILE not 1 time, not 2 times, but 3 times – you need to smile your ridiculous crazy happy Colgate smile 3 times, while you are looking him straight into his eyes, that is how slow men are, regarding GETTING A HINT, you have to overemphasize it. 

The reason I know this works, is because it comes down to basic psychology. It is very tempting for a man when a woman has confidence enough to flirt with him. What you are doing, is flirting with your body and especially your facial mimic. This takes some guts without a glass of wine in mid daylight on the street or another public place. The guy will automatically be impressed by you and intrigued by you, in he’s mind you will be a confident mysterious, beautiful creature and he will be keen to know more about you. He wants to know more straight away actually. You are giving he’s sexual subconscious a big boost. He will be feeling/thinking WOW This beautiful lady likes me, fancies me, like’s what she sees – that feeling, feels oh so good for any human and he will want more of it, that is why he will approach you and ask for your number. Unless he is married and faithful, but those guys are very rare these days. If he is faithful to he’s wife or girlfriend and he doesn’t come over, the only thing you did was smile – A LOT. You have nothing to lose 😉 – BUT EVERYHTING TO REGREAT, also it is super fun, live a little, act funny, crazy, nuts, whatever you might call it. For me it is just living life, not nuts at all.

I did it the other day at Tesco’s. Tesco’s is a low budget supermarket, not very fancy, but it is located right next to my apartment in London, so I go there for the essentials, simple things like water, snacks or cleaning stuff.

So I enter Tesco’s and in front of me is a super, super hot guy entering the door at the same time like me. I start straight away, I blow him of his feet with my stunning Colgate smile looking him straight into his pretty blue eyes. He get’s it! And signals with he’s arms and hands for me to enter Tesco’s first like a true gentleman, obviously impressed by smile number one. 😉 I walk casually around Tesco’s keeping my eye’s on him at all time’s, making sure I pass him one more time and deliver my Mind-blowing Colgate smile, smile number two. I am a bit embarrassed inside, but I hide it perfectly with my confident cheeky cute mimic and body language. After I give him smile number two, he is locked down, I can feel him now hunting the store for me.. hahaha.. I go to the cashier lady, because I have to pay for my groceries, he stands behind me, waiting for he’s turn. Another cashier becomes free and we are pay for our groceries at the same time. There I look at him, and give him Colgate smile number 3, while I bat my long eyelashes at him. 😉

I leave the store and stop up and check my phone when I get outside. He leaves the store, I can feel he’s eyes on my back. He casually comes up to me and starts a chat, Where I am from – bla bla, – he is in he’s gym gear we talk about that, I give him a compliment I like his outfit, I did. Both interested in fitness – anyway he walks with me, until I reach my door and he asks for my number. Excatly like I wanted him too. Boys like the chase, so it is better if they ask for your number, but you can plant the seed by smiling. Give him the balls to do, what you want him to do. 😉

This rule also applies when you are dating a guy, you can make a comment like. Ahhh it could be so much fun to go out and party together, I would love to get a bit tipsy with you, have some good laughs – it would be greaaat. A few days later you will no doubt, receive an invitation from him with some kind of party event. You planted the seed, but you still made him feel like it was he’s idea, so you didn’t emasculate him or act like a dominating woman, that is a turn of for boys as you probably know. 😉

I hope all this info was useful ladies.. Good Luck!! Get out there and HAVE SOME FUN!!

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