The Kardashians Take St. Barts -- All the Vacation Photos!

The perfect summer Day 


Hey Boys and Gals,

Some random pics from a gorgeous summer day.

I went running in the morning – then I went to Islandsbrygge with my friends a lovely area in Denmark where you can suntan and jump in the cold water hehe…

Afterwards we had been frying in the sun all day, we had a huge amount of gorgeous sushi,  and 10 pm we went to the cinema and saw the amazing movie Southpaw!!! In a new cinema in Fields, it is a huge mall in Copenhagen – very nice cinema – so international built. It reminds me of cinema’s in Dubai!! Try it!! DAAAAMN the movie  is good – promise me you will go watch it! PLEASE Jake Gyllenhall and Rachel Mcadams what a combination so much talent in one movie. 😉 Enjoy!!

I am and will always be a movie geek.. hehe 😀

Enjoy your weekend, thank you for stopping by!! Muaaaah – Are you out partying right now? or acting like a nerd working on a Saturday night like me.. hehe!! But last night I killed it with parties, two parties and two clubs a busy banging Friday night 😉

Look forward to see all the wild pic’s tomorrow… aaauuuuhh!! Gotta save the best for last haha..

Today was a hangover and chill day. Nighty nighty peeps sleep tight. xoxo

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The Kardashians Take St. Barts -- All the Vacation Photos!