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The Newest Hollywood gadget ;) Self Balancing 2 – wheel, Smart Electric Scooter “Mini-Segway” Hoverboard

Hey Boys and Gals,

You might have seen this new gadget among the celebrities Justin Bieber and The Game have one. I think they look awesome!! Super fun!! I want one. Anyway this is the new black or the new skateboard 😉 I think we will all have one soon 😉 ..

I need to keep you updated with the newest gadgets, so you always are too cool for school.

If you haven’t seen them before or don’t know how they work, watch the above youtube video.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

I was out last night, in London. I forgot to mention I am in London at the moment- haha. A spontaneous evening in East! I never leave Mayfair, so this was a first!! East is compared to Denmark Vesterbro – more relaxed and not as luxurious as Mayfair, or as pretentious you could say, another London word.. haha..

but I had so much fun. I was out with a big group of danish boys, they also live in London. As you all know, I love being the only girl haha.. 1 of the boys is my middle name!



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