Moroccan Hair Oil - Photoshoot :)

shellac nails and Sugering with a huge discount (mention my name when you book ;)) – By Lindvang Beauty Clinique


Hey Ladies,

I had my nails done in the best place in Copenhagen byLindvang – Have a look at their website: – My nails where ruined by acrylic, so it was a huge challenge, to make my nails pretty. They did a amazing job.

You get a manicure, included in the price – before she puts shellac on.

The Normal price for shellack nails is 299 kr. But if you mention my name, (Sabrina Ziyada) you will get a discount and the price is: 250 kr. – When you call 29 35 68 78 and book your appointment – just mention my name. Enjoy!

Would you like to have smooth soft skin around your intimate area? Sugering is the best kind of wax for this procedure. – It is like a Brazilian wax, but it doesn’t hurt as much and you become more soft. Sugar wax captures all your hair. They even sugar wax your ass, if you want it. I always get my intimate area waxed with sugering, the hairs stay away for very long – and because I have been doing it this summer, I almost don’t have any hairs left at the moment! it’s AMAZING.

You get a amazing Suger wax discount by mentioning my name when you book (Sabrina ziyada): Normal price 375 kr. discount price 300 kr. When you call 29 35 68 78 and book your appointment – just mention my name. Enjoy!

Get that summer body, so you are ready to jump in your bikini – hair free.

It is Located at: Sankt Kjelds Plads 8, 2100 København Ø, – Ydre Østerbro. You can park you car by the food market Menu – they have free parking for 2 hours 😉

The two girls working there are very sweet and service minded, you will be well taken care of. It is a amazing beauty experience, they will pamper and spoil you – I promise.

They also do eyelash extensions, wax treatments – sugering, facials, pedicure and many other treatment’s look at the website!

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

I am off to Islandsbrygge – sun – tanning with my friends!! Yaaaaah.

Denmark is amazing at the moment.


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Moroccan Hair Oil - Photoshoot :)