Celebrity Beach Bods





Here are some celeb bikini bodys to entertain you with, on a Sunday eve 🙂

I hope you had a awesome weekend, I know I did! I just finished dinner with two amazing girlfriends.. yaaaah!! Nothing beats being silly and laughing on a Sunday when you have a hangover!! I enjoy every little thing in life – always appreciate everything. Take nothing for granted. Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so my ladies wanted me to come out and party with them!! But I am so tired from last nights wildness.

I am in Grandma mode! Yet again haha…

Have a lovely eve. Muaaah!

The Newest Hollywood gadget ;) Self Balancing 2 – wheel, Smart Electric Scooter “Mini-Segway” Hoverboard

Hey Boys and Gals,

You might have seen this new gadget among the celebrities Justin Bieber and The Game have one. I think they look awesome!! Super fun!! I want one. Anyway this is the new black or the new skateboard 😉 I think we will all have one soon 😉 ..

I need to keep you updated with the newest gadgets, so you always are too cool for school.

If you haven’t seen them before or don’t know how they work, watch the above youtube video.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

I was out last night, in London. I forgot to mention I am in London at the moment- haha. A spontaneous evening in East! I never leave Mayfair, so this was a first!! East is compared to Denmark Vesterbro – more relaxed and not as luxurious as Mayfair, or as pretentious you could say, another London word.. haha..

but I had so much fun. I was out with a big group of danish boys, they also live in London. As you all know, I love being the only girl haha.. 1 of the boys is my middle name!



First Look – Unedited Pictures From The Mizani Loreal Shoot ;)

Hello Boys and Gals,

Here are loads of unedited pic’s taken right of the computer screen from my Loreal Mizani Shoot in London on Thursday.

Again I loved this shoot and this look. Daaamn I look fiiiine –  I am into myself, but y’all know that hehe, that is part of my personality. – Why you love me right! lol 😀

You can see my transformation if you follow the below pictures. First the hairdresser started with straitening my hair, a lot of work, because I have enough hair for 4 people 🙂 I have no make up on as well, it is funny to see the huge difference and transformation.  Afterwards, they put shop sticks in my hair as you can see, with a lot of hair spay and a flattening iron so the curls became tiny. I love the look, the photographer was so cool, he had the best playlist while we shoot the pictures he played all these amazing oldies Whitney Houston among others 😉 I felt like a young Whitney hehe..

There are one picture of the other model, how pretty and cute is she. Her pictures came out really amazing too, I didn’t get a chance to take more pictures of her, because I was in hair and make up while they where shooting her.

The finished pictures will be on big posters in hair salons, in magazines and online for Loreal and Mizani.

I can’t wait to see them!! exciting, exciting – I LOVE my life right now!!

I have been spending the whole day rehearsing for a tv – serie called Obsession for the discovery channel. Yesterday I was at another casting for a modelling job and I randomly meet a girl there – she is friends with the director for the tv serie Obsession. She told me they where looking for a girl that looks like a sexy latino and I would be perfect. She forwarded my details to him and he send me the manuscript yesterday night. I have been  busy all day creating the scenes from the manuscript and I had to send a selftape for the casting. Anyway cross your fingers and toes haha..

Hopefully I did a great job and I will get the role as Evimer a Brooklyn girl with a flavor of latino. I am rolling at the moment, rollling like a feisty latino hehe..

Have an amazing Saturday, I am completely beat from all the rehearsing today. My girlfriend came by, we have been filming all day. My room mate helped me out with the role as Ramon, the guy I fall in love with, haha it was so awkward and funny at the same time.

Anyway believe in yourself and good things will happen, surround yourself with positive people and always be positive yourself. 😉

Thank you for listening. Muaaah!!






Unedited Pictures From My Loreal Mizani London Shoot – 2nd Look ;)


Yolo Peeps,

I had the most amazing, super, cool awesome shoot/job yesterday. 

I was one of the chosen models for a Loreal shoot! Mizani is a hair product brand owned by Loreal. They have a line for curly afro hair. Yesterday they made pictures to promote the hair products and brand. I am so lucky they liked my huge curly hair.

90 models was at the casting – so I was damn lucky they liked me. I was working together with another model from Nevs model agency. She was very sweet and beautiful. She made some awesome pics as well.

I had two hairdresser’s working on my hair for approximately 4 -5 hours straight. I tell you my scalp was sore when I came home yesterday eve.. LOL. there are a few downside’s to being a model, but not many! I had two different look’s, this one is the second. I have loads of pics from the first look as well, I will make a post with pic’s soon.

The make up artist was phenomenal at the shoot, one of the best I ever tried.

I am showing a selection of pictures taken right of the computer at the set, as you can see. 😉 I can’t wait to see the finished edited result. There was so many good ones, it must be difficult to chose just one.

Anyway the whole day, was just awesome working with very professional people. The photographer was damn good as well. They where fast, effective and super fun and friendly. I had to wake up at 6 am, we started at 8 am and finished at 4 pm. Long day, thank god make up exists hehe.

I am hoping to do many more Loreal shoots, the salary is awesome to say the least. 😉

I think my hair is awesome, so hopefully – this shoot will promote my hair a bit more.


The Above picture is one of my favorites .. yaaaaaaaaaaah


I Love this one two yaaaaaaaaaah the above one !!


This one is wow— my neck is so tiny… lol 🙂

Damn this one is awesome!!