Nordiskfilm 5.halvleg TVprogram Boxmatch 


Yolo Boyzz and Gallls,

I have been working at Nordisk film today. I was part of a Danish Tv program called 5.Halvleg, if you live in Denmark you should look forward to it – it is hilarious.

There are two teams with celebrities –  Sports people and comedians. (Two of the celebs are: The comedian Uffe Holm and the pro swimmer Jeanette Ottesen.

All the celebs have to compete against each other and only one team wins. 3 People on each team.

In the last episode two comedians have to compete against each other i a Boxmatch – they will be fighting the real deal – A Danish Pro bokser called Rudy Markussen. The comedian that last the longest will win for he’s team. I was the number girl at the match. I had a awesome day with the boys, hanging out with Rudy and Kurt Thyboe – Kurt is a famous danish commentator at box matches. It was good fun and we where well taken care of – by nordisk film.

Thank you for a Great day – and a Great job!! Yaaah 😉

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