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My Top 10 Travel Destinations ;)


Hey Peeps,

I have been traveling all my life and it is my greatest passion. My first independant trip – I was 16 and I went to Atlanta for 1 month, Damn I remember how nervous I was, I knew a girl there and I stayed with her and her familie for 1 month. They where great, except her sisters husband had a crush on me that was strange, I remember him checking me out when I was in the pool – uncomfortable. They also lived in the house with us. Anyway traveling by myself was so scary at that time, all the different airports, I had to change flights and I was so nervous. But can you blame me – I was 16 and on my own haha..

My second adventure – I was 17 and I wen’t backpacking in Thailand for 1 month with my best friend, she moved their with her danish parents. We had the most amazing trip ever. The only bummer on the trip was I got a stomach bug and I was sick for 1 week, I am so Skinny on all the pictures. LOL.. But wow we meet some cool peeps from all over the world. Being indepedant and on our own, traveling from island to island – staying in primitive huts was so much fun, the only bummer was showering in cold water and we got our stuff stolen on New years EVE!! The lock to our primitive hut was easy to break. AHH going to a Thai police station the next morning with a hangover was not exciting. Riding on Elephants and bathing in beautiful waterfalls while looking at the amazing nature are some of the things I remember the most. In Bangkok we went to a crocodile zoo. What a different dirty city with all the bars, she – males and drunk people. The full Moon parties on the islands where super wild for 2 young girls like us, and we loved it.

Traveling is still my greatest passion. I spend all my money on traveling and not Chanel bags ;)…haha!! You have to prioritize – experiences for life or a leather bag haha..

I still miss a few destinations like Australia, I am very excited about going there one day.

The best vacation ever was when I went with my dad to South Africa on a safari trip, I still remember every moment like it was yesterday. I love nature and animals so I was in my most perfect element on that trip.

My 10 Favorite Destinations

1. New York

2. Dubai

3. South Africa (Safari in the bush! it was probably the best experience of my life )

4. Ibiza

5. Las Vegas

6. London

7. Egypt

8. Miami

9. La

10. Thailand



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