Kim and Kanye, We want to help guy with a kidney transplant!

Elle Fanning – Dakota Fannings kid sister – Oscar and a lot of moneys! About Ray Watch The Trailer here ;)


Elle Fanning‘s not exactly hauling in Jennifer Lawrence money yet — she’s only 17 — but she’s got a shot at earning that kinda scratch from her next job … IF she turns in an award winning performance.

Luckily for Dakota Fanning‘s kid sis there’s already some Oscar buzz for “About Ray” — a movie she’s only getting $65,000 to make — base salary, anyway. That’s the bad news.

The good news is Elle’s playing a teenage girl transitioning to a boy. In other words, it’s exactly the kinda flick Oscar voters tend to eat up … and that will put a ton of bonus money in her bank account.

According to her contract, Elle gets $100k if she’s nominated for and wins a Golden Globe — and another $167k for an Oscar nod and win!

There’s also a $250k bonus if ‘Ray’ earns $45 million worldwide at the box office — which would be really impressive for a small budget film.

For your consideration … a teenager looking to make a buck.

Watch the trailer below 😉


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Kim and Kanye, We want to help guy with a kidney transplant!