Hottest Women Of The 90ties – Do They Still Have it?



























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Some ladies looks amazing and some look really bad no? 😉

Remember to drink your water and eat healthy!! Stay away from gluten, it is a killer skin -wise! Why you wanna poison you body.

Seriously everything you do to yourself matters!! It reflects on your body and your face. I wanna look good when I am old!! I want to be Hally Berry hot, so I always put sun blok on my face – when I am in the sun and I always eat healthy!! ImA good girl. ;D Are you??!!


Batmans Packin – I Got Your Bulge Right Here ;)

Batman’s packin’.

This pic was snapped during the final scenes for the “Suicide Squad” which is being shot in Toronto. The scene … Batman breaks through the roof of the Joker’s car.

It’s not Ben Affleck and Jared Leto … both are stunt doubles.

The Joker is trying not to look, but we know he wants to.



Jessica Biel Post Baby

It’s hard to believe Jessica Biel gave birth in April. I didn’t even know, she was pregnant! haha I am so behind, I thought maybe you guys didn’t know either!! Or are you all informed ? 😉

The 33-year-old actress body looks good! But damn her clothes is UUUUUGLY ew- Just cos you are a mom, it dosen’t mean you have to dress like an idiot!- No style Jess – was up with you!

She was making a rare public appearance on Thursday night in Los Angeles. Jessica was out to support her younger brother, Justin Biel, and the latest collection of his eco-friendly accessories line called Bare.

The new mama in a lacy sheer top and high-waist blue gaucho pants, making it obvious that she’s lost all of the baby weight. She also highlighted her flawless skin, pulling back her hair in a topknot.



Jessica and husband Justin Timberlake’s trainer – Jason Walsh of Rise Nation gym in West Hollywood, talked about how Jessica’s looking so great post-baby.

“Breastfeeding! It helps,” “We just started getting back into it — I don’t pressure people. When you’re mentally ready, we’ve got to start moving again, rebuilding the foundation and work our way up from there.”

“Strong is beautiful now … [Jessica] is a great example of that,” Remember that peeps!! STRONG – not skinny with no muscles 😉

Banging body aside, Jessica’s number-one focus is clearly her first child with husband Justin, their adorable son Silas. She recently dished about what she finds is the most magical thing about motherhood — when Silas wakes up from a nap.

“He’s sort of looking around and you sort of creep up and look over the crib and he looks up and he goes [sighing sound],”  Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you’re alive and you’re just looking at him.”

Elle Fanning – Dakota Fannings kid sister – Oscar and a lot of moneys! About Ray Watch The Trailer here ;)


Elle Fanning‘s not exactly hauling in Jennifer Lawrence money yet — she’s only 17 — but she’s got a shot at earning that kinda scratch from her next job … IF she turns in an award winning performance.

Luckily for Dakota Fanning‘s kid sis there’s already some Oscar buzz for “About Ray” — a movie she’s only getting $65,000 to make — base salary, anyway. That’s the bad news.

The good news is Elle’s playing a teenage girl transitioning to a boy. In other words, it’s exactly the kinda flick Oscar voters tend to eat up … and that will put a ton of bonus money in her bank account.

According to her contract, Elle gets $100k if she’s nominated for and wins a Golden Globe — and another $167k for an Oscar nod and win!

There’s also a $250k bonus if ‘Ray’ earns $45 million worldwide at the box office — which would be really impressive for a small budget film.

For your consideration … a teenager looking to make a buck.

Watch the trailer below 😉


Kim and Kanye, We want to help guy with a kidney transplant!


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are trying to do a good thing for the guy who desperately needs a kidney and is trying to score one by dangling a pair of rare Yeezy Boosts … but there’s a problem.

Matt Neal, a 26-year-old Michigan man has Berger’s disease, which causes kidney failure. He’s on a transplant waiting list but perilously far down. So he came up with the idea of trading his Yeezys for an organ.

Kanye and Kim heard his story and were moved … they say if he ends up making the trade they’ll give him a brand new pair of the impossible to get pricey kicks.

Now the tough news. Federal law makes it illegal for anyone to offer money or merchandise in return for an organ. There’s no wiggle room … the law is clear.

Short story … Matt needs help. The good news … Matt’s Facebook solicitation has moved lots of people, some of whom say they’ll donate a kidney for free, which is totally legal.