Find Out Where You Can Buy My Green Froggy Jeans ;)


I wore these Jeans in Tisvilde Denmark, I went there last weekend on Friday!!

It was so much fun, my friends and I went to the beach all day and in the evening we went for dinner at the local Tisvilde Bistro. We stayed there dancing for a few hours and then we went to a party in a huge summerhouse. I was sleeping in a camper with my girl!! Not my usual style I have to admit lol – but it was next to a lovely summerhouse with a pool.. we had access to all the facilities so I could manage 1 night! But I do prefer a 5 star Hotel.. 😀 I am a luxury girl.

Many of you fine Ladies – have asked me where you can buy these amazing Green Jeans!

I found a shop in London that sells Freddy jeans 😉

55 King’s Rd, London SW3 4ND, 
+44 20 7730 3560

But you can also buy Freddy jeans online –  they have a worldwide website: 😉 – Shipping to ALL countries! press the link: https://www.freddy.com

As you can see, – you get a great ASS in these jeans 😉 – But if you don’t squat a bit and work out – it won’t have the same effect, I have seen some girl’s – that got a flat ass in them ;(

Have fun!! Enjoy your Monday! Stay postive and happy – All day – everyday. Muaaaah!!



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