South Kensington Membership Club Opening, Summer Party!

Celebrity Boob job! Did they or didn’t they ;) – real or not ;)


Hey Readers!!

I always thought Halle Berry had natural huge boobs!! That she was one of the lucky women that had a skinny, sexy figure but still with amazing curves. Anyway I still think she is georgs!! Who cares if they are real or not as long as they look good.

Girls if you are sad about having small boobs, do something about it! I am all IN – on people doing what ever they want, if it makes they feel beautiful. Its 2015!! Stop judging and get real 😀

Enjoy your day!! I am off to sun tanning at Islandsbrygge – Denmark with my BFF!!


For more celebrity Boob pictures before and after plastic – press the link below 😉

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South Kensington Membership Club Opening, Summer Party!