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Travel Guide – My Top 10 favorite pictures from IbiZa 2015 

Hi Readers,

So SORRY for my absence for the last week. ;( I was on vacation and left my computer at home, but I am back now!! With loads of new, fun posts. I will be traveling all summer as usual so get ready for a wild ride!!

I Finished my first Ibiza trip this summer, I usually go a couple of times each summer. Here are my 10 favorite pictures and som travel info if you are considering trying IBIZA.

Renting a Yacht – FUUUUN!!! 😉  We where a group Of 14 friends on this amazing huge Yacht. We stayed all day,  swimming and doing water sports until 9 pm 🙂

Lio – One of the best restaurants in the world! I Love Lio, not only because the food taste and looks georgeous, but because it has a magical atmosphere. Seriously I haven’t experienced such a amazing place, anywhere Else! IbiZa is a magical Island and Lio has such a amazing entertainment show! you get sucked into a different world. The performers are ekstremly talented, singers, dancers and Cirque Du Soleil performers. The whole experience is difficult to describe. It is MAGICAL. The first time I went to Lio and IbiZa was 5 years ago. I am completely addicted to this restaurant and Island I have been back every summer! A MUST TRY exsperience 😉

I love this picture, the blue colours are amazing! Feeling free and appreciative. Loving My life and feeling blessed.

Here I was on my way to Lio the first time on this vacation – wearing my Louis Vuitton shoes, La Perla dress and my jacket is from Collection Privee! Feeling and Looking Sexy.

My friends and I where hungover from the night before and we decided to chill at this amazing, secret location with a beautiful pool, we sneaked in!! Muhahahaha

Here I am at a hippie beach in the middel of no where. One of the beautiful things about Ibiza is you can get in your rented car and drive around until you find the perfect beach. This Beach was a chilled, relaxed hippie beach. I dont know the name unfortunately. The only downside was the lack of eyecandy! Unless you are into senior central hahaha 🙂

Nassau Beach club: It is a nice change from Blue Marlin – Blue Marlin is the most popular beach club in Ibiza. This time we decided to try Nassau – They have amazing food, amazing music and amazing eye candy! wow 😉 For both Boys and girls! We where 4 girls – we rented a cabanna for the day and ate good food and ordered lovely drinks all day, the price was surprising cheap, it was around 60 € per person. I love having a nice view of fit, beautiful people while the sun is bronzing me. The water was clear and lovely. Another must try, when you go to Ibiza.

Entrance  to Jockey Club at Salina Beach – Another lovely place. More chilled and relaxed than Nassau. I would recommend it for loved up couples. Good food, lovely Beach. Awesome. It is hard to find a crap place in Ibiza actually. 😉

More Lio pictures with My amazing group of friends. We have finished Dinner and watched the amazing show! Ready to paaaaarty! 😉


That is All For now Peeps!! Thank you for stopping by!! Muaaaaah

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